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About American Academy for Insurance Training

American Academy for Insurance Training is an approved provider of insurance training programs in New Jersey.  We currently offer the New Jersey mandatory pre-licensing and continuing education courses for life Insurance and health insurance.

Fred A. Kressaty (Owner)

FRED KRESSATYFred has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. For 10 years, prior to entering the business world, Fred was a high school social studies teacher and coach. He received a BA in Sociology from St. Francis University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Fred started as an insurance agent with a Fortune 500 Company and quickly achieved management status. Fred received various awards, consistently qualified for company-sponsored trips and was regularly recognized by the company as a top recruiter and trainer. The school was established in 2004 to provide pre-licensing training for his recruits.

Fred’s unique combination of insurance experience and teaching provides his students with a high quality education. Fred’s communication skills and understanding of learners allows him to connect with students with a variety of backgrounds. He has demonstrated the ability to present and relate complex insurance concepts in simplistic layman terms.

The school has an outstanding pass ratio. Over the past several years, students successfully completing the pre-licensing course have exceeded the mean score of all school students within the state of New Jersey.

Ashley Palino (Office Manager)

Ashley Palino has been working for the American Academy since August of 2012.  She is a recent graduate of William Paterson University with a degree in Business Administration, and a concentration in Marketing and Professional Sales.

Now being in the insurance field, Ashley is helping out with AFLAC and coordinating classes for those who plan on getting certified as insurance agents.  Ashley is planning on getting her Certification in Health and Life Insurance as well.